Live2DViewerEX is an app created by Pavo Studio. Live2DViewerEX was first published on . The app is available on Steam.About This Software Please note before you buy The software is still under development and features need to be improved Usage issues: Manual: http://live2d.pavostudio.com/doc/en-us/ Post a thread or send an email to pavostud...

Live2DViewerEX Review

Live2DViewerEX is an application designed by Pavo Studio. Live2DViewerEX was first published on . The app is currently available for Steam.

About This Software

Please note before you buy

  • Android version: Google Play
  • If you want to use Wallpaper Engine or your own wallpaper at the same time, right-click the tray icon-> Launch Mode, choose Desktop Mode
  • Workshop items are uploaded by the user. In case of model issues, please contact the uploader directly. This software does not guarantee anything related to the model
  • Live2DViewerEX is not belong to Live2D Inc. , it is an unofficial product
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    About Live2DViewerEX

    Live2DViewerEX is an unofficial cross-platform Live2D viewer, it supports Windows, MacOS and Android.


    • Cross-platform (Windows, MacOS, Android)
    • Three display modes: wallpaper mode, desktop mode and desktop window mode
    • Face Tracking: Comes with high-precision face capture application (Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS)
    • Live2D Model: Display, communication, edit and import (Workshop, LPK, Json file)
    • Background:Image, Video, Web, 360 Image, 360 Video
    • Effect: Rain & Snow, Visualizator, Floating Particles
    • Filter: 48 configurable screen filters
    • Widget: Digital Clock, Analog Clock, Calander, Reminder, Music Player, Resource Monitor, Desktop Icon...
    • Scene: Save & load scene
    • ExAPI: write software yourself and interact with Live2DViewerEX
    • Workshop
    • Multi-display
    • Support for Cubism SDK 4


    • About the price
      Depending on exchange rate, development and maintenance costs and Live2D SDK license fee, the price may be adjusted at any time without notice

    • About discount
      There are no discount plans at the moment

    • About software use
      Please refer to the user manual: http://live2d.pavostudio.com/doc/en-us/

    • About performance and resource usage
      Application have been optimized for performance and resource usage, but the amount of resources used varies with the content being loaded. In general, Desktop Mode takes up less resources than Wallpaper Mode, please select the appropriate launch mode as needed